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Snaxsun is farm grown goodness from our harvest to your home! Turning amber waves of wheat into a wholesome sunburst snack for families to enjoy is our passion. Our Kansas family farmstead has been the core of our livelihood and dreams and we are thrilled to share our yields with you!  

Value Buy ~ 4 Travel Jars

  • A variety of 4 Travel Jars: 1-Smoked Bacon, 1-Cool Ranch, 1-Lightly Salted and 1-Slow-Smoked BBQ each a 5 oz. serving in a convenient capped jar!  Price includes Free Shipping!

  • Snaxsun is a terrific snack and makes a wonderful addition to salads and baked potatoes! Snaxsun has a 9-month average shelf life when stored in a dry location, away from direct sunlight. Also freezes well for even longer use! Refrigeration is not recommended.  

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